Brochure Designing

I Queen Web, based in Kerala is housed by a team of think tanks, designers and illustrators that create brochures propelling your professional persona in limelight. Here, we focus on communicating your corporate nature and attitude towards the market in such a way that it impresses the audience and drive your business.

You may need brochures for multiple purposes. After the meeting you can hand over your brochures to the clients, distribute the brochures in exhibitions, workshops or nearby places etc. Also you can use the softcopy for online marketing purposes. Whatever the purpose is, an unprofessional brochure design can do more harm than favour.

“We respect this fact and hence offer you highly striking, persuasive and seamlessly professional brochure design services. Our brochures use effective images and colour contrasts that entices the prospective customers to probe even deeper into the details and get your contact information to place the order.”

Why we are the best brochure designer in Kerala?

There are loads of reasons why we are confident about our ability to provide our customers with best brochure designs.

  • We don’t simply pour colours or pepper texts. Our team before anything else understand the message that the brochure is meant to convey.

  • After studying your requirements, we decide the type of design and tone of language to be used in your brochure.

  • The best thing about us is that we have worked for a surplus of businesses and dealt with many complex concepts; customers have always been kept satisfied.

  • We have imaginativeartists and qualified writers in our team thus enabling us to offer a completely finished brochure for our customers. You don’t have to crack your brains to find apt wordings; we do it on your behalf.

  • We take your suggestions throughout the work if you have any or else don’t bother; we know the job very well. You will get nothing less than the best results from us.

Types of Brochures we design

  • Trifold brochure (8.5x11,8.5x14,11x17,11x25.5)

  • Half fold brochure (8.5x11,8.5x14,11x17)

  • Z fold brochure (8.5x11,8.5x14,11x25.5)

  • Four panel fold brochure (8.5x14.4,11x25.5)

  • Gate-fold brochure (8.5x11,8.5x14,11x17)

  • Half / Tri-Fold (11x17)

  • Double Gate Fold Brochure (8.5x14.4,11x25.5)

  • French Fold Brochure (8.5x11,8.5x14,11x25.5)

Other graphic designing services we offer

  • Sales collaterals

  • Booklets

  • Training manuals

Reach us and let’s discuss. We have plans for businesses, small and big and also for individuals.

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